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Business object base class

I have three different projects converging.  They all need a more feature rich base class in the business layer.

I haven’t settled on a name for this base class.  EntityBase? BusinessBase?  BusinessObject?  I expect something will stick in the near future.

Proposed interfaces:

You should notice that most of these interfaces are pre-existing Microsoft interfaces.  ISupportUndo and ITrackStatus are inspired by Rockford Lhotka’s  CSLA framework.  The details are changed, but I really like the syntax to make the interface more readable.  “I support undo.”  I can’t think of a better way to express what the interface does.  Can you?

I’m still working on the implementation details.  I’ll share more once I have a stable sample app.

Are you a team player?

What does that mean?!

A couple weeks ago, we have skip-level meetings. Which is Intel-speak for I had lunch and a one-on-one with my boss’s boss.

Before you cringe, keep in mind I have never hidden my personality.  I stir the pot and am generally disruptive when it comes to creating new software solutions.  I hate the status quo. Change is good. Change is eternal. Change is the only constant. I digress…

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Where to start?

I have had a handful of blogs and personal websites. It seems that I work on them for about 3 – 5 years then they fall into a state of disrepair. I rarely think twice about them after a certain point. It takes a couple more years, until the rash reforms.  And I have scratch the itch.


At the Microsoft Build 2013 developers conference, I wanted to create a new account so I could keep work at a distance from the rest of my life.  With tongue firmly in cheek, I found “Visionary Coder” was available.  I picked up the DNS, but did nothing with it for over a year.

At the 2014 Build conference, Microsoft started pushing for more Devs to use Azure by providing “free” credits to the Azure platform as an add-on to our MSDN accounts. It’s taken almost another full year, but I finally spent a little time getting an Azure site setup.

What is the point?

I am not sure. Mostly, I am hoping to post code snippets and discuss problems I’ve had to deal with at work and in my consulting projects.   I have a lot of code snippets that I can migrate over from my earlier efforts and I’m always trying to learn new “stuff.”

We’ll simply have to see where this goes.