Definition Of Terms

I realize I use certain terms and slang that not everyone knows.  Intel is acronym hell and it is starting to rub off.  I fully expect I will drop some term or acronym without providing any context.

Here is your context.

  • Blue: A full-time permanent employee at Intel.  Also known as Blue Badge or BB.
  • Green: A contingent worker at Intel.  Also known as Green Badge or GB.
  • POC: Proof of concept.  Usually a rough app that shows that something can be done.
  • Sandbox: The place where I store POC apps.
  • Sandbox App: A demo app to prove a given idea out.  Sandbox apps are applications for teaching your peers how to do something.  They are not exercises to prove how you came up with some fucked-up, half-baked idea for naming variables based upon LOTR characters.

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