I hadn’t realized it had been so long since I posted. That said, I’ve been rather busy. Family stuff, work stuff, relocation/new house stuff, health issues, new motorcycle stuff, etc. Basically, life stuff.

I changed teams which required me to move back to Oregon full-time. Hence the relo/house issues. At this moment, I’m working on a mobile app team, doing Xamarin development for an internal app on Android and iOS target platforms. And I’m still keeping my toes in the Application Architecture team. They are going through some churn right now as Senior management realigns.

We have a new IT leader. I don’t remember if she is the CTO or CIO. It doesn’t really make any different from where I’m sitting. I like what she had to say in her first public forum. I heard pragmatism over dogma. I didn’t hear the whispers of highly paid consultants forcing unneeded changes if only to justify their presence. But… We’ll see how it goes.


There has been a little slippage. I might even do something about it, but I need to heal up from my last surgery. Having already torn a couple internal stitches, I might actually take it easy for a week or two.