Azure Pass


I got my Azure Pass approved yesterday.

The corporate firewall is so locked down that I can’t connect to any Azure SQL instance and the proxy setup won’t allow certificates to flow from a SF cluster into my browser.  Argh!

So, I had to find a work around.  Queue the begging.  😉

I spun up my A/P yesterday morning.  By the end of the day, I had a running Service Fabric instance and a globally replicated SQL database; I setup another CI/CD/CR pipeline to push changes into the Service Fabric on VSTS; And I added the data validation feature to my POC.  I’m almost feature complete on this first version.  All of the other features are downstream features like adding data cubes and hooking up PowerBI.  Tomorrow I’m doing a feature review with my boss’s boss ( I never think of him as such.  We worked as partners far too long for me to change my headspace but that’s another topic.)

I’d like to add a dropdown to change data sources: Local, On-Prem, Cloud but that’s a bit out of scope.  The point of my POC is to show high-through-put in a global data distribution scenario.  Pretty things like dropdowns are just that pretty aka gold plating.  I’m trying to not do gold plating.

Tunes for today: Emigrate & Rammstein.

PS: My better 3/4 scored us tickets for Rammstein in Vegas the weekend after my IDesign Service Fabric training wraps up in Dallas.  Can you say pyro?  Yes.  You can.  😀