Win7 Re-install Media

If you installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview (like I did), you might want to roll back to Windows 7.  As will all preview builds, there isn’t an easy way to do that.  Microsoft has stepped up and provided a mechanism to rollback your Win10 TP install to a regular Win7 install.

The Software Recovery website allows you to create a new installer for DVD or USB.  All you need is a valid key.  You do have a valid key.  Right?

If you want to take a look at the bigger picture, this same website would work if you lost your media and need to do a repave or feature upgrade.  You don’t have to use it only for O/S roll-backs.

Below is a link to the site.  When i tried it a few minutes ago, the site was barfing.  If nothing else, it proves there is a page for the site.  😉