Win7 Re-install Media

If you installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview (like I did), you might want to roll back to Windows 7.  As will all preview builds, there isn’t an easy way to do that.  Microsoft has stepped up and provided a mechanism to rollback your Win10 TP install to a regular Win7 install.

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Slow down!

This week has been a killer in some ways.

I went into the office on Monday.  I walked into a project in crisis.  The features were there but the performance wasn’t.  The BAs screwed up by not pushing the users to do a full mock-cycle.  When the forecasting cycle rolled around last week, some of our users opened the app then closed it without doing any work in the tool.   Users complained that the pivot grids were too slow to update after an edit.  Performance in production was crap.

“Umm…  Why did we hear about this issue over a month ago at UAT or during last-months mock-cycle?”  Heads are starting to roll on that side of the fence.

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Setting Theme/Accent with MahApps.Metro

I’m building up a sample app that leverages the MahApps.Metro libraries.  One of the challenges is setting the AppTheme and Accent colors dynamically.   I looked through more than a few online solutions and none of them worked for me.  Usually, the syntax was from an earlier version and didn’t match the ThemeManager object that I downloaded from NuGet (v1.0.0.0).

After comparing the sample app (v4.5) against my code in VS, I noticed the results from ThemeManager.DetectAppStyle() was always null in my app and valid in the sample app.   Continue reading Setting Theme/Accent with MahApps.Metro

Business object base class

I have three different projects converging.  They all need a more feature rich base class in the business layer.

I haven’t settled on a name for this base class.  EntityBase? BusinessBase?  BusinessObject?  I expect something will stick in the near future.

Proposed interfaces:

You should notice that most of these interfaces are pre-existing Microsoft interfaces.  ISupportUndo and ITrackStatus are inspired by Rockford Lhotka’s  CSLA framework.  The details are changed, but I really like the syntax to make the interface more readable.  “I support undo.”  I can’t think of a better way to express what the interface does.  Can you?

I’m still working on the implementation details.  I’ll share more once I have a stable sample app.

Are you a team player?

What does that mean?!

A couple weeks ago, we have skip-level meetings. Which is Intel-speak for I had lunch and a one-on-one with my boss’s boss.

Before you cringe, keep in mind I have never hidden my personality.  I stir the pot and am generally disruptive when it comes to creating new software solutions.  I hate the status quo. Change is good. Change is eternal. Change is the only constant. I digress…

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Where to start?

I have had a handful of blogs and personal websites. It seems that I work on them for about 3 – 5 years then they fall into a state of disrepair. I rarely think twice about them after a certain point. It takes a couple more years, until the rash reforms.  And I have scratch the itch.


At the Microsoft Build 2013 developers conference, I wanted to create a new account so I could keep work at a distance from the rest of my life.  With tongue firmly in cheek, I found “Visionary Coder” was available.  I picked up the DNS, but did nothing with it for over a year.

At the 2014 Build conference, Microsoft started pushing for more Devs to use Azure by providing “free” credits to the Azure platform as an add-on to our MSDN accounts. It’s taken almost another full year, but I finally spent a little time getting an Azure site setup.

What is the point?

I am not sure. Mostly, I am hoping to post code snippets and discuss problems I’ve had to deal with at work and in my consulting projects.   I have a lot of code snippets that I can migrate over from my earlier efforts and I’m always trying to learn new “stuff.”

We’ll simply have to see where this goes.